Hänsel und Gretel

Hänsel und Gretel — Dutch National Opera

There is not a dark forest or gingerbread house to be seen. The production takes us to a Brazilian rubbish tip, which is brought to life by the children playing among the junk. They been sleeping between the rubbish. They wake up and start playing in the debris. We see a little hand grab some dirt and turn it into a puppet. This is Hänsel and they make Gretel as well. Then we see them make a fairytale house of an old cornflakes box. We dive into the children’s imagination and see those puppets come to life in a blown up version of that box.

In this way we can see the fairytale through the eyes of the Hänsel and Gretels of our time.


E. Humperdinck

Marc Albrecht

Lotte de Beer

set design
Michael Levine

costume design | masks and make up
Clement & Sanôu

light design
David Finn

Finn Ross

3rd december 2015
Dutch National Opera

Marco Borggreve

H&G_macaroni 16H&G_macaroni 16

Costume design by scale models

Gingerbread man/woman

“…een uitbarsting van creativiteit en theatraal vernuft…


H&G_macaroni 14H&G_macaroni 14

“Oogstrelende Hänsel und Gretel.”


Trailer — Hänsel und Gretel

H&G_macaroni 17H&G_macaroni 17

“Haar (Lotte de Beer red.) ‘Hänsel und Gretel’ is een triomf van actuele en aangrijpende verbeeldingskracht.”


H&G_macaroni 6H&G_macaroni 6
H&G_macaroni 2H&G_macaroni 2